What is the Best Power Steering Stop Leak in 2024?

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best power steering stop leak is, then we recommend Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak as the best one.

Did you find a pool of oily liquid under your parked car?

Maybe the steering system warning light came on while you were driving?

Or maybe you’re just tired of your steering wheel feeling so tight and squeaking as you turn it.

These are all clear symptoms of a power steering system leak. And if left untreated, a leaky steering system will impact the drivability and safety of your vehicle and result in serious (and expensive) damage to the power steering pump and related components.

A complete power steering system replacement, however, is expensive.

Fortunately, there’s a more affordable solution: power steering stop leak sealant.

Read our power steering stop leak review to find the best sealant to help you fix that leakage quickly and effortlessly. And save a fair amount of money in the process.

Here are the best power steering stop leaks we recommend:

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Do I Need a Power Steering Fluid Stop Leak?

If the steering system warning light came on, then you likely have a problem with your vehicle power steering system. And you absolutely have to fix it as soon as possible!

In modern vehicles, power steering is a subsystem that helps drivers steer the vehicle by reducing the effort needed to turn the steering wheel, and thus making it easier to turn or maneuver the vehicle.

Generally speaking, the assistive action in a power steering system is performed either by an auxiliary electric motor or by a hydraulic pump driven by the main vehicle engine.

Vehicles with a hydraulic power steering system rely on a liquid that is pumped through the system to ease the steering action. And that’s exactly what is spilling if you have a leak.

Without this fluid, the power steering system will fail. You won’t be able to turn the car with the force needed, and this can lead to unsafe driving situations and, worse, preventable crashes.

If you have a leak, you must act fast!

Having a mechanic manually repair the leak in the power steering system is usually very expensive. And replacing the system completely is even more expensive.

Power steering stop leaks represent a very inexpensive and effective solution to repair minor cracks in the steering system that may be causing the leakage. And it’s what your mechanic would probably use anyway.

What is Power Steering Stop Leak and How does It Work?

A power steering stop leak is a chemical product able to swell and strengthen the o-rings in the steering system and thus stop the leak.

Power steering fluid

Power steering leak sealants suffered somewhat of a bad reputation in the past as the early versions contained solvents that would just stiffen the o-rings, resulting only in a temporary solution that you had to top-up regularly.

Fortunately, things have changed over the years and products improved significantly. The best stop leaks today will be able to seal the leaks in your steering system more permanently without clogging or damaging it in any way.

Modern stop leak sealants actually contain reconditioning agents that not only stop the leak but also restore and revitalize the power steering system as a whole.

How to Use Power Steering Stop Leak

Let’s start with the usual reminder: always carefully read and follow the instructions of the specific product you’re using!

With that clear in mind, the actual process is usually very simple. Here’s the general gist.

  1. With the vehicle off, locate your power steering reservoir.
  2. Remove the cap and pour the product in, being careful not to overfill the system.
  3. Replace the cap, and go for a drive, so that the fluid can work over time.

And that’s it. That simple!

How to Choose the Best Power Steering Stop Leak

When selecting the best power steering system sealant for your needs, there are a couple of things you should consider.


First of all, read the label carefully. Not all anti-leak fluids will work for every vehicle. Some are specifically designed for larger vehicles like trucks and RVs.

Also, see if the sealant has particular requirements regarding the power steering fluid.

The products we recommend are actually compatible with most vehicles on the market and can be mixed with all types of steering fluids. However, make sure to double-check before buying to make sure you don’t pour an ill-suited stop leak into your vehicle.

Ease of Use

Some power steering stop leak products require you to drain your system before use. Others require you to drain it after. Others, still, can be added straight to the system, mixed with the existing fluids, and left there to continue to protect the components.

These last ones are our favorite type since they are the easiest to use and have an ongoing protective action that makes them doubly effective.

Anyway, do check the usage instructions before making a purchase, in order to select the stop leak most appropriate for your needs and skills.

Leak Severity

If the leak is fairly small then the power steering repair fluid will likely be able to fix the problem and prevent further issues. If, on the other hand, the leak is on the larger side, you will need to apply the sealant multiple times. So always be sure to have more product on hand than apparently necessary.

These are the Best Power Steering Stop Leaks

Alright, in our experience and according to our reviews, these are the absolute best power steering stop leaks on the market today.

Best Overall: Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak

Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak makes it incredibly easy to put an end to leaking power steering fluid. It is a true pour and go product for simple and quick application to get you back on the road as soon as possible with a working steering wheel.

The best power steering stop leak: Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak

The solvent-free liquid fills all the spots where leaks are frequent and reconditions the entire power steering system. It seals rack and pinion systems as well as hardened or worn rubber seals, loosening them and making them more pliable.

Furthermore, it contains high-quality additives able to break down rust and corrosion, effectively cleaning and rejuvenating the power steering system from the inside.

It is, in our opinion, the best, easiest to use, and most effective stop leak for power steering systems. Hands down.

Also Great: Bar’s Leaks Power Steering Repair

Bar’s Leaks is a great brand specialised in all kinds of stop leaks products. And the Power Steering Repair is definitely one of their top products.

The fluid helps restore the performance of your vehicle power steering system, reconditioning it and stopping the fluid from seeping out.

It also acts as a rack and pinion leak sealer and works to quiet down worn and noisy pumps so you don’t get that whining sound when you turn.

The product is easy to use: you just pour it and drive. You can vary the amount of product you use depending on your vehicle needs. However, be careful to follow the instructions and err maybe on the side of abundance, especially when dealing with larger leaks that may require multiple applications.

Honorable Mention: ATP AT-205 Re-Seal Stops Leaks

ATP is a well-known name in the world of automotive. And its AT-205 Re-Seal is a fast, effective, and safe stop-leak for all rubber seals and gaskets.

Its exclusive plasticiser formula restores and rejuvenates worn or dried out seals and is not harmful to internal bearings and components. It does not contain petroleum distillates and will not over-swell, stiffen, or breakdown seals.

ATP AT-205 Re-Seal is a solid product for minor hydraulic system leaks. And what deserves it an honorable mention in our review is the fact that it actually backs up as a universal stop leak: it can be used for all rubber seals and gaskets in engines, transmissions, power steering, differentials and hydraulic systems. It is compatible with all conventional and synthetic oils, ATF, gear oils, power steering hydraulic fluids.

It is the Swiss Army knife of stop leaks and we strongly recommend carrying a bottle or two in your vehicle trunk should any leaking issue arise while you’re on the road.

FAQs about Power Steering Stop Leak

Can I drive with a power steering leak?

While a small power steering fluid leak won’t put your car off the road – and will often be quite hard to notice to begin with – it is very important to treat any leak very quickly. Because even small leaks get worse over time, affecting the drivability of your vehicle and eventually resulting in damage to your power steering pump and related components.

Is stop leak a permanent fix?

It really depends on the severity of the leak. For minor leaks, a good sealant like the ones we recommend can actually be a permanent fix. For larger cracks, however, you may need to apply the sealant multiple consecutive times or just seek professional help.

How much stop leak should I use?

Read and carefully follow the instructions on the product label! Each product varies and will say on the packaging how much power steering fluid sealer is necessary to fix the leak. Dosage may also depend on your vehicle size and the capacity of the power steering system.
Some leaks will need several applications to completely fix the issues. So it’s always best to have more product than expected, as you never know when you’ll need to quickly repair your vehicle from a leak.

How long does it take to see results from a stop leak product?

The precise time it’ll take for the sealant to take effect will be specified on the product label. Generally, most products will be able to alleviate the issues within 10 to 20 minutes from the application and a couple of hundred miles of driving, but they might require a longer sitting period for the sealant to set in completely.

Do I need to drain the power steering system after using stop leak?

Generally, most power steering stop leak fluids do not require you to drain the system after applying the solution. However, as we said again and again, you should carefully read the label to see what the manufacturer recommends and apply it to the letter to have the maximum effectiveness from the sealant.

Is power steering stop leak bad for my vehicle?

Power steering stop leaks are generally very safe products.
When applied properly and in the recommended dosage, a good power steering sealant is absolutely harmless for the vehicle. It will fix the leaking issues and actually protect the power steering system from the inside.

What should I do if the sealant doesn’t work?

If you don’t see an improvement after applying a power steering leak sealer, the leak may be too severe to fix with such a product. In this case, you may need to take your vehicle to a professional for a more in-depth analysis of the problem.


A good power steering system stop leak can save you a lot of stress and quite a couple of bucks when dealing with a leak.

The best power steering stop leak from our review is Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak. It is the most effective, high-quality, and easy-to-use product around. Period.

Buy it now and be done with that leakage for good.

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